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Ongoing, Professional Accredited Learning.

OPAL Success

Ongoing Professional Accredited Learning

for Coaches and Therapists

CE & CPD approved advanced training for  Coaches and Therapists

Deepen your skills and move your clients from 

behavior change to transformation.

  • Therapy Led Skills

    Learn how to tap into your client’s true motivators for change and use therapeutic tools to ensure behaviours change permanently.  Finding the client’s ‘big why’ for changing, or the root of their resistance to changing, will be a game-changer for you… and them!

  • Implementable Programs

    OPAL’s training is built around fully developed, structured programs that you can take away and offer to clients immediately. We provide all the resources you need - Handouts, videos and a session-by-session roadmap.

  • Client Transformation

    We don’t just want your clients behaviours to change, we want their lives to change! The skills we teach you facilitate your clients to experience truly transformational change.

  • Real Return on Investment

    If you invest in our training, we want you to know you will see a real, measurable return.  You will be able to offer a ready-to-go 6-month coaching package to clients straight away – and your first two clients will more than recover your training investment!

Our Specialist Programs


Emotional & Binge Eating Specialist Training​

Train with us to become a specialist in Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder.

For any Health, Wellness or Nutrition Professional regularly working with weight loss clients, this training is essential!


Up to 30% of adults seeking weight loss support meet the criteria for Binge Eating Disorder, which is not about food, it is about feelings, and often underpinned by trauma.


You will graduate with Our "done-for-you" program that integrates CBT, nutritional rehabilitation, neuroscience and mindful self-compassion to separate food from feelings, and the past from the present.


Your clients will finally find true freedom around food, FOREVER.

OPAL Success  - Emotional & Binge Eating Specialist Training

Opal │Tara Self Compassion Training

Coach Training​

Train with us to bring a powerful self-compasison led approach into your work with all clients.

Over the 12 weeks of this training you will be led personally through the transformative experience of self-compassion, combining breathwork, neuroscience, inner child work and mindfulness.  You will finish with a proven, step-by-step process to use either as a stand-alone program or to integrate into your existing work with clients.

What Our Community Members Say

Emotional & Binge Eating Specialist Training

This program allows your clients to build a solid, safe relationship with what they eat.  However this program is so expertly created that it then moves into raising awareness of how the client's behaviours stem from the past and are driving their binging or emotional eating, and how their subconscious ripples sabotage all efforts to be healthy.  On a personal level, the support I have received has been immense. The team are always at the other end of the phone to answer any questions I have.

Denise Wogan

Registeres Nutritional Therapist & Life Coach

Self-Compassion Coaching

After just one workshop I knew it was special, but “I Love You, Me” has done so much more for me than I ever imagined possible. I have remembered who I actually am underneath all the conditioning and beliefs I've picked up over the past 34 years. It's been like a complete awakening. Saying "Hello, Me" has literally woken so many parts of me that had been shut down or forgotten for years or even decades. Tara Love Perry's ILYM method is absolutely genius

Lianne Price


Advanced Coaching Skills

Shane’s delivery of the course, his warmth, openness, non-judgemental approach and encouragement to take part in the practice role play, soon alleviated my fear. I cannot thank Shane enough for his help and support, his energy flowed continuously. I gained so much throughout attending the course, learning much more than I ever imagined.

Gillian O'Gorman

Health and Wellness Coach

Self-Compassion Coaching

 I am experiencing myself as quite different from before. I don't know if this is all to do with our work together, as I know that these things often happen to help us transform. But to me there is not a shadow of a doubt that your work reminded me of my inner beauty and knowing that I had lost sight of it before I could remember and helped me to recognize my strengths.


Women's Facilitator

Self-Compassion Coaching

I am emotionally shattered, beautifully cleansed and totally transformed. What an awesome journey, and beautiful friends made along the way. Thank you so much Tara, what you gave to each of of us is beyond priceless. You are a beautiful, magical person, and I thank you for the ‘gifts’ you gave me.. that always existed inside me, and will now exist and expand for evermore.

Anne-Marie Wickham

Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

Emotional and Binge Eating Specialist

Being trained as a specialist has definitely enhanced my practice. The Eating Freely program has provided me with effective tools to help clients who suffer from emotional eating and binge eating disorder. Clients love the structure of the program, they can track their progress on a weekly basis by doing their homework and exercises and reviewing them in session with me.

In terms of the fee I paid for the training, I considered it an investment in my professional growth and it paid itself back by working with my first two clients.


Rosaria Chiappone


Meet Linn and Louise

Two successful professionals who transform client's lives every day. 

Linn Thorstensson

Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach

Mayo - Ireland

Louise Gartland


Dublin - Ireland

Meet Marcie and Laura

Two successful coaches who transform clients lives every day. 


Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach

Laura Matiu

Media Professional and Blogger

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